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КAMAZ+65115+55111 EWD
КAMAZ+65115+55111 EWD
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KAMAZ  65222

History of KamAZ Trucks

KAMAZ Truck Wiring Manuals above the page - 65115, 55111.


The construction of the plant was completed in 1975. A year earlier, the first diesel engine was created in the experimental building.


And the first car left the shop gate in February 1976. It was a three-axle truck KamAZ-5320, created on the basis of the proven ZIL-170.


The load capacity, depending on the modification, ranged from 10 to 20 tons. Engine capacity of 210 hp accelerated the car to 90 km / h.


In 2010, the company, together with Fiat, began production of road equipment. Over the year, more than 3 thousand tractors and other agricultural equipment were produced.


The main products of the plant, trucks, are also actively being produced.


In 2011, 45 thousand cars were built. As of 2012, the plant has built 2 million trucks.


The engines comply with European environmental standards. Now the production of KamAZ-65117, KamAZ-5325 tractors, and KamAZ-6540 dump trucks continues.

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