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FREIGHTLINER Columbia Driver's Manual PDF

Freightliner Columbia
Freightliner Columbia Driver's Manual
Freightliner Columbia Driver's Manual
Freightliner Columbia Driver's Manual.pd
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History of Columbia Trucks

The FREIGHTLINER Columbia Truck Driver's Manual PDF above the page.


Freightliner Columbia - a series of tractors released by Freightliner in 2000.


The models of this new series were characterized by a modern appearance and aerodynamic shape of the cabin.


The cab, in turn, is equipped with a separate lounge for the driver, which includes everything that is needed during a long trip.


Sleeping place, microwave, refrigerator and many other technical amenities.


A powerful ventilation and air conditioning system controls the temperature inside the cab. Based on this, we can say that the Freightliner Columbia is a very comfortable car and the driver is pleased not only to work on it, but also to relax in it.


The dashboard is very informative and gives the driver a complete picture of the technical condition of the vehicle.


Freightliner Columbia is equipped with Detroit Diesel engines with a volume of either 12.7 liters or 14.0 liters. These motors have established themselves in the market as distinguished by high reliability and performance.


Transmission is a fully automated EatonFuller model. The clutch is used only at the start of the vehicle, after which the automatic box comes into force.

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