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HITACHI Excavator Manual & Wiring Diagrams PDF

Hitachi Zaxis-14-3-16-3-18-3-27-3 Operator Manual
Hitachi Zaxis-14-3-16-3-18-3-27-3 Operator Manual
Hitachi Zaxis-14-3-16-3-18-3-27-3 Operat
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Hitachi Zaxis 450 Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
Hitachi Zaxis 450 Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
Hitachi Zaxis 450 Hydraulic Circuit Duag
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Hitachi Zaxis 450 500 520 Wiring Diagrams
Hitachi Zaxis 450 500 520 Wiring Diagrams
Hitachi Zaxis 450 500 520 Wiring Diagram
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Hitachi EH3500AC-3
Hitachi medium excavator

History of Hitachi Construction Machinery

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Hitachi is a small Japanese town located not far from the copper mine of the same name, which at the very beginning of the twentieth century was attended by a young specialist named Namihei Odaira.


It was he who was destined to glorify Hitachi around the world, making the city's name one of the most famous brands.


In his spare time, a talented engineer who received the post of chief of the technical department in 1908, was engaged in the design of electrical devices, and, in the end, created the first electric motor in Japan.


Realizing that he holds a unique commodity for his country, Namihei Odaira did not miss his chance, and in 1910 opened his own business. To join the world of business, a young engineer was prepared not only technologically.


Realizing how important successful title and memorable trademark are to success, Odaira approached their development with all seriousness.


The electric motors produced by the Odaira workshop were very popular. After them, the enterprise mastered the production of transformers, galvanometers, voltmeters, fans and water turbines.

In 1972, a division of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe established a mass production of crawler cranes, which were designed for local organizations. But strangely enough, these cranes were later widely used all over the world.


The main equipment, which was sold by HCME, was crawler cranes, with a hydraulic clamping control, used mainly for the construction of the foundation, as well as pile-driving units.


In 1981, in the city of Osterhout, a new spare parts warehouse was opened. For the first time in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the necessary technical support was provided for all the equipment that was sold in these territories, manufactured in Osterhout.


Also, it was in this memorable year that the 500th car was sold. This event was a great success in the history of the company, and showed the pace of its persistent development.


In 1986, between Hitachi and Fiat, a partnership agreement was signed on the production of a limited range of Hitachi crawler excavators.


The manufacturing site was chosen plant Fiat, located near the city of Turin. All other, the main assortment of Hitachi was still supplied from Japan by HCME. In 1988, the first excavator Hitachi-Fiat was bought by a Dutch customer.

In 1990, the company tripled production, and the number of mini excavators that were produced in Osthout, increased to five, making Hitachi one of the world's leading manufacturers in the mini excavator segment.


1997 was marked by the company's 25th anniversary. In the same year, the ISO certification was launched, the first to receive ISO 9001 was a mini-factory, and in 2000, the whole company passed certification.


Another important date in the history of the company, October 1998. Together with Euclid, Hitachi, a limited liability partnership was established. There was an association "A Partnership for a new Millennium" and Euclid. The remainder of Euclid's stake was bought by Hitachi, owner of 80 percent of the shares, from Volvo Construction, which was registered in Brussels. Thus, Euclid has become a subsidiary, with 100% ownership of capital.


In 2001, Hitachi completed joint activities with Fiat due to the creation of the Fiat-Hitachi Excavators (FHE). By 2002, the sale of interests of Hitachi as part of FHE, the CNH company, was to be fully completed. After this event, Hitachi gained independence in strategic politics in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

November 2001, was marked for Hitachi by the creation of a new plant in Amsterdam, where a technician should gather up to 50 tons, as well as a center for exhibition activities and training.


To date, HITACHI stands in the top three manufacturers of special-purpose machinery and is one of the largest suppliers for quarries of such equipment as quarry excavators and multi-ton dump trucks.


On February 1, 2008, a large-scale advertising campaign Hitachi was launched under the motto "From the Obvious to the Incredible."


This phrase expresses the public's notion of the Hitachi brand and the company itself. The Hitachi technique is familiar, it is obvious that it is and is used by many. And the level of its novelty, its capabilities - are simply unbelievable.


To date, the Company develops and produces over 20,000 items of products, including computers, semiconductors, household appliances, power and industrial equipment, information systems and developments in the field of modern materials. 


Hitachi Ltd. has a staff of over 300,000 employees, operates 1,047 subsidiary companies, of which 312 are located overseas.

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