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SISU - a little-known brand of trucks for special purposes, the production of which the car company Sisu Auto (Finland).


The modern history of the company began 31 March 1981. The shareholders of Suomen Autoteollisuus On this day decided to change its name to Sisu Auto. At that time, the company consisted of four divisions, each responsible for a specific type of production:


Sisu Auto - production of trucks;

Sisu Axles - manufacture of axles and axles;

Sisu Defence - production of tracked and wheeled military vehicles;

Sisu Terminal Systems - assembly of tractors and loaders.


Currently, the company has retained only automobile production and the domestic market, its share is steadily:


20% - in the segment of heavy trucks with full weight more than 16 tons;

30% - in the timber sector;

more than 50% - in the segment of trucks;

more than 45% - in the segment of four-and five-axis truck full weight more than 26 tons.


As for the brand SISU, it is present in the automotive market for over 80 years. The first vehicles of this brand have been released in 1932 - a year after the creation of the company Suomen Autoteollisuus. It was headed by Tor Nessling (1901-1971), who was in office for almost forty years. He is the author of the idea, which is still the hallmark of the company - the individual development of technical solutions for each vehicle in accordance with the requirements of the customer.