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FORDSON Tractor Service Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagram

Fordson DEXTA Manual
Fordson DEXTA Manual
Fordson DEXTA Manual.pdf
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Ford 4000 Owners Manual
Ford 4000 Owners Manual
Ford 4000 Owners Manual.pdf
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1952-1958 Fordson Major Repair Manual
1952-1958 Fordson Major Repair Manual
1952-1958 Fordson Major Repair Manual.pd
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Fordson Major e27n

History of Fordson Tractors

Sme FORDSON Tractor Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagram above the page -Major, Dexta, 4000 .


Designers Henry Ford offered the first prototype of a tractor with an internal combustion engine in 1907, but in the wake of the success of Ford T, this design has remained unclaimed. Henry Ford returned to the topic of the tractor in 1915, holding a prototype exhibition at Michigan.


Minority shareholders who owned at that time 41.5% of shares of Ford Motor Company, firmly blocked any diversion of funds to experiment with tractors, so in 1916, Ford and his son Edsel, as individuals, have organized an independent company Henry Ford and Son. Its products carrying the new brand, Fordson.


The first major order came in May 1917, before production deployment. The British government, concerned about the food crisis of war, organized the plowing of wasteland and the contract with Ford to supply 5000 cars by price, "cost plus 50 dollars."


At the end of the WW1 under the production of tractors converted shipyard Ford, previously released anti-submarine ships. In the first half of 1919, Ford bought out the shares of the former companions, and tractor production gained access to all resources of Ford Motor Company. At the same time laid the Ford assembly facility in Cork (Ireland), worked until 1932.

Just as is the case with Ford T tractor, agriculture Ford tractor put on a single mass, cheaper model. Fordson with metal wheels, 20-horsepower engine and a mass of 1130 kg in 1918 costing $ 880, was discounted in 1921 to 625, and in 1922 to 395 dollars.


Tractors sold through car sales network Ford, reaches the most backward agrarian country outskirts. In the first half of 1920 the demand exceeded the capacity of production (only twice, in 1923 and 1925 years, the volume of the issue amounted to 100 000 units per year), but the tractor business remained unprofitable. 


Ford, it had a 35% market US agricultural machines, as a result of losing the competitive struggle


CaterpillarJohn Deere and International Harvester: successful, solvency management chose specialized machines that meet the needs of their production is.


In 1928, Ford closed tractor production in the US. Irish production in 1932-1933 moved to the eastern outskirts of London, where he worked under the Fordson brand until 1964, and then change the sign on a Ford.

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