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Diamond T 969 Service Manual
Diamond T 969 Service Manual
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Diamond T TM9 811 Operator Manual
Diamond T TM9 811 Operator Manual
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Diamond T Truck Manual
Diamond T 968

History of Diamond-T Trucks

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In 1905, Diamond T, a company specializing in the production of trucks and buses, was founded in Chicago. However, the first 6 years of its existence, the Diamond T brand attempted to produce luxury cars, but could not stand the competition with British brands and switched to trucks.


In 1911, the first 3.5-ton truck of the company, called Diamond T, was introduced. Under the hood of the model, a Continental-type 7-liter power unit with a capacity of 40 hp was located. This was followed by the 5-and 1.5-ton truck models in 1912 and 1913, respectively.


However, during the WW1, due to the increased price of gasoline, Diamond T significantly reduced truck production, providing only the needs of the United States government.


In 1922, truck production was resumed on the former scale, and in 1923 a second plant was opened.

In 1928, the first three-axle truck of the brand was introduced, which made it possible to increase sales of Diamond T trucks by more than 60%.


In 1929, light-duty pickup trucks with a loading capacity of 750 kilograms and full-size industrial 6-and 12-ton trucks were presented. Under the hood of such trucks installed power units brand Hercules, with a capacity of 81-98 hp.


During the WW2, the company Diamond T produced 70% of all military trucks, significantly modernizing its production capacity.


In addition, in 1944, Diamond T was able to resume the production of civilian trucks, also presenting a universal platform, which formed the basis of the model range of special equipment - concrete mixers, tank trucks and fire engines.


Despite the long history of successful sales, in 1967 the brand ceased to exist, becoming part of the new company Diamond Reo.

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