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VOLVO VN, VNL & VNM Operator Manual PDF

Volvo VNL 430
Volvo VNL VNM Operator's Manual
Volvo VNL VNM Operator's Manual
Volvo VNL VNM Operator's Manual.pdf
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Volvo VN Trucks History

There's a VOLVO VN, VNL & VNM Trucks Operator Manual PDF above the page.


In 1997, the American division of Volvo took a risk and decided to release the VN series trucks. It was a compromise between the American truck manufacturing and design style and the European one.


According to American traditions, the manufacturer made the cab, cabling and attachments on the chassis, and purchased the engine, axles, box from third-party manufacturers.


So the Volvo VNL 670 truck is, in fact, a hodgepodge, a chassis from Volvo, a cab from Volvo, and everything else is from American manufacturers. Such an experiment was more than successful.


Trucks of this series conquered America first and Europe in 2003. About the Volvo VNL 670 truck model, they received only positive reviews from drivers and owners of transport companies, which allowed the company to further actively develop this line

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