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History of BELAZ Trucks

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The pride of the former Soviet Union, the Belarusian Automobile Plant located in Zhodino, Minsk region on the area of 116 hectares. Once 12 thousand. People who gathered in the year to 5.3 thousand. Cars worked in its 24 shops.


Now the factory 7.3 thousand. Workers, who produce about 1 thousand. Dump trucks a year. Supervises now CEO of PO "BelAZ", the Hero of Belarus, Doctor of Engineering Paul Lukyanovich Mariev.


BelAZ was established in 1958. And he began his story by saying that in Zhodino moved production of the famous "quarter" - a 25-ton dump truck MAZ-525 until this is available in Minsk. No booster and air suspension seat, and there was no trace, and shaking while driving on rocky rocks were such that the spine is not withstood. To facilitate their work, the drivers drove the truck ... standing.


But all the same occupational disease of drivers in those years was not only low back pain, but also the omission of the stomach.


In a constructive manner the car was also far from perfect: load it burned brake pad, vibration failure of the device. But even bigger problems discovered after sending the first batch of MAZ-525 for export to India.


Actually, the world community must take my hat off to the intelligent heads of those years: our experts have patented one-place cockpit and tipper bucket. From faulty decisions such as triaxial MAZ-530 was abandoned. However, zhodintsy not miss her and managed to make a few interesting machines.

BelAZ Dimensions

There was even a 65-ton diesel-trolleyvoz BelAZ-524 with the current collector, like a trolley. But the "horned" in the series did not go: Well, who will pull wires for career sections.


But the first machines had to surprise the residents of Minsk and tickle their nerves - they are tested on the trolleybus lines of the Belarusian capital. The development of the model range is constrained by lack of tires that can withstand a load of 60-65 tonnes. Meanwhile, the industry demanded mining machines increased capacity.


Serial 120-ton crane, BelAZ-7519, appeared later and later became a "top-end" model. It took not much time, and sights on the truck carrying capacity of 180 tons, and entirely from domestic components.


In 1981 it appeared BelAZ-7521, and in just two years, he has worked in the "Yakutugol" association. Serene life of factory workers ended up in the era of perestroika. And if not for the old guard, the plant gave all his energy, how to know that now would let this giant - hammers yes "stoves", cast iron pots pans so ... But nothing happened.


Now BelAZ is among the seven largest corporations in the world for the production of dump trucks, and it owns 30% of the market.


Currently, the plant produces dump trucks with load capacity from 30 to 220 tons, as well as machinery and equipment quarries: wheel loaders, wheel loaders and cranes, tractors, tow trucks.

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