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Claas Tractor & Harvester Manuals PDF

Claas Axion 9 Series Manual
Claas Axion 9 Series Manual
Claas Axion 9 Series Manual.pdf
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Claas Jaguar Manual
Claas Jaguar Manual
Claas Jaguar Manual.pdf
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Claas Tucano 3 and 4 Series Manual
Claas Tucano 3 and 4 Series Manual
Claas Tucano 3 and 4 Series Manual.pdf
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Claas Columbus Manual
Claas Columbus Manual
Claas Columbus Manual.pdf
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Claas Lexion Manual
Claas Lexion Manual
Claas Lexion Manual.pdf
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Claas History

Some Claas Tractor & Harvester Operator Manuals PDF shown above.


1913 Founding of the company by August Klaas in Clarholz (Westphalia)

1914 Brothers August and Franz Claas founded the company "Gebrüder CLAAS"

1919 Transfer of the company in Harsewinkel.

1921 First The CLAAS patent for a new tying device that provides better linking sheaves

1930 Start of the development of the first combine harvester to operate, especially in the European context

1936 CLAAS introduced in the market the first combine harvester, designed in and for Europe

1937 The company CLAAS has introduced on the market the first combine harvester designed to work in Europe

1946 Start of serial production of trailed combine harvester SUPER

1953 assembled the first self-propelled combine harvester

Founded in 1956 the factory in Paderborn

1961 Production of balers in a new plant in Metz (France)

1968 Start of production of technological equipment CLAAS in Harsewinkel

1969 Expansion of the production program at the expense of harvesting machinery produced in Saulgau (buying Josef Bautzen plant)

1970 CLAAS Dominator 80 is the first machine of the most successful series of agricultural machinery on the market

1971 Development of machines for direct combining sugar cane

1973 Presentation of the first self-propelled forage harvester

1976 Release of the first round baler ROLLANT

1983 Release of a new series of forage harvesters JAGUAR

1986 Establishment of the sales company CLAAS CVG

1992 Opening of a new plant for the production of CLAAS processing machines in Beelene (Westphalia)

1994 Creation of the company AGROCOM, engaged in the development of satellite electronic information systems for agriculture)

1995 Serial proizvvodstvo LEXION - the most productive combine harvester in the world (capacity of 40 tons per hour)

1996 plant in Harsewinkel, Paderborn and Metz become independent production units within the CLAAS Group

1997 Acquisition of a new plant in Tёrёkshentmiklose (Hungary)

1998 Creation of the company AGROCOM GmbH & Co. Agrarsysteme KG for the production of agricultural information systems and software for the agricultural sector enterprises


CLAAS Foundation was founded to promote the development of agro-technical innovations.

In Omaha (Nebraska, USA) built a new factory of agricultural machinery.

The base company sales financing operations CLAAS Financial Services S.A.S. (CFS).


Getting Started logistics center for spare parts in Hamm-Uentropp

2001 started complete reconstruction and refurbishment of main plant in Harsewinkel. 55 million. The euro became the largest investment group.


Samosobyatelnaya sales network and production of the LEXION in Omaha / USA.

Group Purchasing CLAAS Fertigungstechnik GmbH (CFT) Company Brötje Automation GmbH.

2003 With the purchase of a controlling stake in the plant RENAULT Agriculture, CLAAS tractors proihvodstvo well-read / CLAAS signs an investment framework agreement with the government of Krasnodar Krai, Russia


CLAAS sets new standards for performance and comfort by launching new AXION tractor

Creating a sales company in Moscow.


Release of the new TUCANO combine. In this machine the top of the premium series of middle class concentrated all the key achievements LEXION class.

The construction of the second plant of agricultural machinery in India - Chandigarh.


Renault Agriculture owns 100% CLAAS.

The grand opening of the plant for the production of Crop Tiger combines in Chandigarh, India.

Inauguration of the Technopark in Krasnodar, Russia.

New tractor AXOS in the classroom to 100l.s.


Presentation of the new combine compact-class AVERO.

Presentation of the new XERION 5000 with capacity of over 500 liters. from

CLAAS Agrosystems (last Agrocom) at the new location in Gütersloh.

The base of the new CLAAS Polska Sp trading company. z o.o.


With the conveyor descends 1000th XERION specially coated white.

Opening of the new technology center in Harsewinkel.

Claas Axion
Claas Axion