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JCB 4CX Operator manual
JCB 4CX Operator manual
JCB 4CX Operator manual.pdf
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JCB JS 200 -JS260 Wiring Diagrams
JCB JS 200 -JS260 Sistema Eléctrico
JCB JS 200 -JS260 Sistema Eléctrico.pdf
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JCB 175 Wiring Diagram
JCB 175 Wiring Diagram
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JCB Fastrac

JCB Tractor History

Some JCB Tractors Service Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagram are above.


History of JCB's heavy construction equipment manufacturer world-famous starts in the UK in 1945 with the usual garage, where he worked 29 years of the company's founder, Joseph Cyril Bamford. The idea to open their own business came to Bamford between despair.


The fact is that in 1945 he worked for a construction company Bamfords Ltd, which was headed by his uncle. Company things were not going well, and the head of anything better not figured out how to fire a nephew. Bamford, who is about to be born son, and the money would be enough only for a month, I decided to take a chance and bought a £ 1 welding machine. Then he took off a garage for 30 shillings a week, and there is fashioned his first invention - tipper truck.


For his invention on the market Bamford requested 90 pounds. One local farmer bought him the truck, but for 45 pounds, and in addition gave his old truck. Joseph repaired it, and a week later sold for 45 pounds, thereby acquiring a total of 90 pounds, as well as I wanted. Given the fact that many in his hometown earned 1.5 pounds per week, Bamford suddenly became rich.


Stop there, he was not going to, because its purpose was to outdo his uncle and surpass the company Bamfords Ltd. Profit Bamford went to the bank for a loan for the development of the company. The money he was given, but the bank has notified shortly Joseph that he should return them for a week. Bamford with great difficulty returned the money and then decided for themselves that will never take the credit.


It was the first to postulate his business. Not falling into despondency, Joseph invents a trailer with a manual mechanism, the body up to the chassis, and out spilled the entire contents. This invention immediately liked the local farmers and was in great demand.


In the 1990s an additional plants JCB machinery production were discovered in the United States (Georgia) and in Brazil. In 2004, the JCB company starts production of diesel engines JCB 444, which have been developed by our own design office. In 2005, the German company Vibromax joined the British manufacturer, which in the same year had to open a new plant in China.


In 2009, JCB stated that production center in India will be the largest manufacturer of forklifts. JCB, today - the world's largest manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, which is in the range of more than 300 titles.


Every day, more than 15 factories located on four continents, producing products (mini-tractors, soil compactors, tamping equipment, wheeled and crawler excavators, backhoe loaders, etc.), exported to more than 150 countries around the world where there are more than 2000 dealerships.


JCB further the company's strategy is to become the second in the construction equipment after Caterpillar's  market (this can be achieved in terms of turnover of 1 billion pounds, with 100 million pounds in profits).


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