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LiAZ Truck Wiring Diagrams

LIAZ wiring diagram_1833sb
liaz wiring diagram_1833sb
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LIAZ wiring diagram_230571
liaz wiring diagram_230571
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LIAZ wiring diagram_151261
liaz wiring diagram_151261
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LIAZ wiring diagram_1829pb
liaz wiring diagram_1829pb
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LIAZ wiring diagram_1823
liaz wiring diagram_1823
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LIAZ wiring diagram_1833sa
liaz wiring diagram_1833sa
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LIAZ wiring diagram_1833pb
liaz wiring diagram_1833pb
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LIAZ 529260
LIAZ wiring diagram_122053_122054
liaz wiring diagram_122053_122054
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History of Liaz

Some LiAZ Truck Wiring Diagrams above the page.


LIAZ story begins in the early 50-ies., When the trucks are manufactured at the Skoda factory AVIA Prague moved to Liberec in the north area of the city of Czechoslovakia.


At first they were a part of the head of the People's Company in Mladá Boleslav and amounted Liberec Automotive Works, abbreviated LIAZ. January 2, 1952 in Rynovitse began production cabover trucks Skoda-706R and by 1 January 1953, when the company received LIAZ independence, over 950 machines were manufactured. The composition and profile of the plants that were part of LIAZ (12 companies), have changed many times.


Over time, it became the main plant in Jablonec nad Nisou, swallowed Rynovitse. The assembly of new vehicles "Skoda 706KT" and "706MT" began in the town of Mnichovo Hradiště, and engines produced in the first Hinihove and then in Jablonec nad Nisou.


These simple, sturdy and unpretentious machines have become the foundation of a new series "100" heavy-duty truck with cab-over-engine, which claimed the conquest of the markets of industrialized countries. Designed enterprises LIAZ, machine got a new trademark "LIAZ", 20 years replaced the well-known name of "Skoda".

The first series of "LIAZ 100" consisted of a 2-axle truck gross weight of 16-19 tons and tractors for articulated lorries full weight of 36-38 tons in 1974 began "LIAZ 100.45" production of a truck tractor and a year later -.. 8 5-ton truck "100.05." Because gamma "706MT" on the conveyor were only dump «MTS24» (4 × 2), «MTSP24» and «MTSP27» (4 × 4).


The second generation of vehicles LIAZ was formed in the early 80s. In 1984, with the creation of the first cabin recline options were a series of "110", which received rear air suspension, as well as a family of 3-axle vehicles "122" (6 × 2), consisting of a flatbed truck "122.03" full weight of 26 tonnes. and truck tractors "122.48" for 42-ton trucks.


In 1984 ~ 85 years. built several trucks «100.55D» (4 × 4) for the Paris-Dakar marathon, gave birth to a series of all-wheel drive "111". The rally version of the 1987 "LIAZ 111,154," reached the highest result for the plant, taking third place.


Since 1987 began the production of trucks "150" (4 × 2) and "151" (4 × 4) and replace, finally, a series of "706MT", and the second base of the family "200" differs only enhanced cabin soundproofing and brakes with ABS. All vehicles can be ordered with one of the five options inline 6-cylinder diesel engine "M630" (11946 cm3) with direct injection, several types of transmissions and four-wheel base dimensions.

In the 80-ies. engine performance had "M634", "M636", "M637", "M638" and "M640" with capacity from 210 to 320 hp, including versions with turbo and intercooler.


Despite this, the plant LIAZ was unable to create vehicles that fully meet the stringent requirements of the Western European countries. By the end of the 80s. demand for vehicles


LIAZ began to decline rapidly. The economic and technical problems in the early 90s. He added the disintegration of Czechoslovakia. In the new economic conditions, the company has not only lost its main export markets, but also could not compete in the domestic market.


Machines differ cabins of own production or going on an Austrian license. A series of "300" was not just an upgraded family of "100" with the wheel formula 4 × 2 and 8 × 4 full weight of 18-40 tons.


These options become tractors "M300" with the base engine (model «M636E / S», «M640F / S / T» and «M640FE / SE / TE», 230-408 hp) as well as motors  Detroit Diesel  (355-450 hp).


Fifth, the family consisted of trucks series "110", "150" and "250" with the same engines "M636", "M637" and "M640" (208-305 hp) version of the so-called "Euro-0" for countries with stringent environmental regulations have not yet valid.


In 1992 it began which lasted three years, privatization of LIAZ. In 1995, the main owner of the shares became heavy engineering concern "Skoda", and the new company became known as "Skoda-LIAZ."

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