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Tatra 148 Parts Diagrams
Tatra 148 Parts Diagrams
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Tatra 148 Parts List
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Tatra t 815

History of Tatra Trucks

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The company was founded in 1850 by Ignaz Czustala and manufactured carriages and chaise.


In the 1860s, the company had plants not only in the Czech Republic, but also Berlin, Vienna, Wroclaw, Kyiv and Chernivtsi.


In 1882, began producing wagons. In 1897 he produced the first passenger car - the President, a year later - the world's first truck. After WWII the company was nationalized.


The company manufactures trucks and cars class "lux" (until 1989). Heavy Truck Production Tatra repeatedly used the wheelbase for various heavy military equipment, as well as vehicles for military use. Tatra produces wheel drive cars with wheel formula 4 × 4 to 12x12 (six-axis).


The company currently manufactures heavy trucks with the cap frame, which allows you to build lighter cars than to the base frame.


In combination with a diesel engine is air cooled to reduce their own weight of the vehicle and makes it more economical.

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