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MAN TGL & TGM Truck Manuals PDF

2016 MAN TGL TGM Truck Brochure
2016 MAN TGL TGM Truck Brochure
2016 MAN TGL TGM Truck Brochure.pdf
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2018 MAN TGL TGM Truck Operator's Manual
2018 MAN TGL TGM Truck Operator's Manual
2018 MAN TGL TGM Truck Operator's Manual
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History of MAN TGL & TGM Trucks

Some MAN TGL TGM Truck Operator's Manual PDF & Brochure above the page.


MAN TGL Truck.


Produced in Austria - MAN TGL is very popular in its homeland, in Germany, and in Austria it is known under the name Steyr TGL.


MAN TGL is a truck that was born in 2005 as a result of the expansion of the model range of the German company.


This truck with a gross weight of 7.5 to 12 tons was created specifically for European countries, where trucks with a curb weight of less than 12 tons are provided with a number of toll benefits.


Despite the relatively low carrying capacity, the MAN TGL is presented with several types of cabins, where C is the most compact, L is medium, and XL is the most spacious, in addition to these cabins, a cab with two rows of seats is produced especially for some services, it is such a cab that is used in firefighters in Germany.

MAN TGM Truck.


Like most trucks from MAN, TGM has a huge number of options in its arsenal, and the consumer only picks up according to his needs and tasks.


There are three options to choose from: long haul, short and medium haul, and the heavy MAN TGM for construction sites.


Depending on the choice, the buyer is offered several types of chassis, which primarily differ in carrying capacity. 


Also, each MAN TGM version can have several types of wheel arrangements, from the simplest 4x2 to off-road 4x4 and even 6x4, with one or two steered axles.


In this case, the suspension can be either mechanical, spring, or pneumatic.


The range of power units today includes engines with a capacity of 250, 290 and 340 hp. All engines are equipped with a Common Rail power system and comply with Euro 6 emission standards.


Depending on the internal combustion engine, you can choose one of two gearboxes, either the 9-speed Eaton or the 12-speed ZF.

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