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YALE Forklift Truck Manuals PDF

Yale 5K Forklift Manual
Yale 5K Forklift Manual
Yale 5K Forklift Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.5 MB
Yale Electric Forklift unit ERC070-HG-8K-Lift manual
Yale Electric Forklift unit ERC070-HG-8K-Lift manual
Yale Electric Forklift unit ERC070-HG-8K
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.2 MB

Yale Electric Forklift 5000 Operating Manual
Yale Electric Forklift 5000 Operating Manual
Yale Electric Forklift 5000 Operating Ma
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB
Yale Electric Forklift unit manual
Yale Electric Forklift unit manual
Yale Electric Forklift unit manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 990.7 KB

Yale GC030-040SVX
Yale MX series 3

History of YALE Forklift Trucks

Some YALE Forklift Truck Manuals PDF above the page.


Yale Materials Handling Corporation is the leader in the manufacture of handling equipment with a 140-year history. For these years, Yale has become synonymous with reliability, high productivity and new technologies.


Factories for production of warehouse equipment are located all over the world, which allows the company to be closer to consumers, to reduce the cost of production by providing this premium brand with a relatively low purchase and ownership cost.


The history of this brand is almost 150 years old and begins in 1868, when Linus Yale, together with Henry Tauney, founded the Yale Lock Manufacturing Company, but it all began much earlier, with the invention of the Yale cylinder lock with a pin reversing mechanism that marked the beginning of a whole generation of technical solutions.


In 1868 - the founding of the company Yale Lock Manufacturing Company, which later became Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co., subsequently expanded its production from locks with pins to loading and unloading equipment.


In 1920, the companions began to produce battery trolleys with a lifting platform, and later they started production of cars and trucks with a lifting platform, and began the production of tractors and tractors and first forklifts with tilting fork lift.


In the 1930s, Yale enters the international level, launches new production in England, then absorbs the German manufacturer of warehouse loaders BKS and quickly breaks into the Japanese market.

In these years, Yale develops innovative solutions one after another: in the field of steering - the hydraulic booster, realizes the transfer of controls to the center of the cabin, offers steering with variable longitudinal inclination of the pivot pin, the first uses high-temperature resistant silicone insulation with protection class H on electric motors. The last is still the world's best.


In 1950, Yale began production of trucks with ICE and gas-powered, and two years later - the first counterbalance machines (counterbalanced trucks) appeared on the market.


In 1964, Yale presented the first electric loader on batteries with a thyristor control (Silicon Controlled Rectifier - SCR).


In 1963, he signed a deal to merge with Eaton Manufacturing where he continues to produce forklifts as a division of EatonYale & Towne, Inc. (later Eaton Corp.).


The successes of Yale in the Japanese market for many years lead the company to the decision in 1969 to conclude an agreement with Sumitomo Ltd to manufacture Yale forklifts under license. Two years later, the joint production of Sumitomo-Yale Co., Ltd.,


In 1985, the company decided to further consolidate and Yale Materials Handling Corporation and became part of the North American Coal Corporation (NACCO), which later became NACCO Industries, Inc.


In 1990, Yale Materials Handling Ltd in the UK received an honorary national award for outstanding achievements in the export of trucks - Queen's Award for Export Achievement.


In 1992, a new company, Yale Europe Materials Handling, was set up to market Yale in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


1994, NACCO Materials Handling Group, is recognized as the largest manufacturer of forklift trucks in the world. The annual turnover of the company's sales, amounted to 70,000 forklifts worldwide

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