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Truck's MID 214 Fault Codes DTC

MID 214 VOLVORenault, Mack Trucks Codes Decryption of Malfunctions DTC


Truck Fault Code, DTC Parameter , Description of DTC


Burglar Alarm Control Unit


MID 214 SID 240 FMI 2

The Program memory.

A Software malfunction or electromagnetic interference.


MID 214 SID 254 FMI 12

A Control block.

A Software malfunction or electromagnetic interference.


MID 214 PSID 6 FMI 11

A Motion Sensor.

The Motion sensors are covered by foreign objects, open or shorted sensor circuit, oxidation of contacts in connectors, motion sensor is defective.

MID 214 PSID 7 FMI 9


The Connection between the unit and the siren is interrupted. Siren is not connected, open or shorted wires, contacts in connectors are oxidized or damaged. Siren may be defective.


MID 214 PSID 7 FMI 12


An Alarm control unit has detected a malfunction in the siren. The siren has failed due to mechanical damage or environmental influences. Poor battery condition inside the siren.


MID 214 PSID 8 FMI 4

A Starter Relay (K03).

Short circuit of the wire between the relay and the alarm control unit to ground.


MID 214 PSID 10 FMI 12

A Door lock control unit.

Loss of contact between the alarm control unit and the door lock control unit. Short circuit of circuit between blocks to power supply or to ground. Open circuit between the units or the door lock control unit is defective.

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