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HYUNDAI Truck Wiring Manual PDF

Hyundai HD-65 HD-72 HD-78 Wiring Diagram
Hyundai HD-65 HD-72 HD-78 Wiring Diagram
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History of HYUNDAI

Some HYUNDAI Truck Wiring Manuals PDF presented above.


History of Hyundai Motor of South Korean car company began in 1967. For several decades, the company has gone from a licensed Ford vehicles to create a full-scale production line of its own models, from the tiny city car to a limousine EON-based Equus models.


Hyundai brand name from Korean means "modernity". The slogan of the company is New thinking, new possibilities, which means "new thinking, new possibilities."


Hyundai Motor Company was founded by a major Korean businessman Chung Ju-Yong, the owner of the Hyundai Civil Industries. In those years, the South Korean government has actively promoted the policy of "Korean miracle", and the four largest conglomerates of the country has been tasked to organize the production of domestic cars and to increase the volume of output to 50 thousand units by 1980.


In 1967, a factory Hyundai Motor on the Ford assembly sedans license Cortina and Granada was organized.


After a few years the production of Ford vehicles it was decided to stop: they are outdated and sold worse, and for the development of the company needed its own models. To create them, Hyundai hired specialists who worked previously in the British company Austin.


The result of their work was the first mass Korean car - Hyundai Pony. The body design was commissioned by the famous studio Italdesign, led by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The design was partly borrowed from the Ford Cortina, and the supply of engines and gearboxes agreed with Mitsubishi Motors.


In 1998, after the Asian financial crisis, Hyundai bought its main competitor in the Korean market - the company Kia Motors.


Currently Hyundai is a leader for the production of cars in Korea. Due to severe restrictions on the import of foreign cars, the company was able to produce all types of models, as even the most expensive car of the concern - Centennial, worth about 54 thousand dollars, the cost is cheaper buyers entering the country foreign car executive class.