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Liebherr HS-895-HD-Crawler-Crane-technical-data-sheet
Liebherr HS-895-HD-Crawler-Crane-technical-data-sheet
Liebherr HS-895-HD-Crawler-Crane-technic
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Liebherr Tractor History

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During its first year of business to build and sell Liebherr 160 crane, and his company will have to work more than a hundred people. Thus, Hans Liebherr was not only a talented engineer, but also a visionary businessman. Mounted on his technique low prices it could provide a large number of customers, the popularity and fame. And because of that he eventually was able to put together their core capital to expand and create an empire of his company's rich and famous company.


For several years the company «Liebherr» will only produce cranes, but by the mid 50s irrepressible Hans Liebherr chooses to do, and the release of excavators. He will not wait for the mercy of God, or a happy coincidence, and self will be accepted for the invention of his excavator.


In the invention of the first hydraulic excavator, which was much lighter than their existing counterparts, and also had an incredibly large and lifting the bucket, it took 8 months. And this invention as well as the first, revolutionized construction equipment.


But it was not enough for the owner of the company - Hans Liebherr. Production of construction machinery was soon supplemented by concrete mixers, and by the end of 1950, the company «Liebherr» has grown to a huge scale enterprise.


Until the early 1990s, the company «Liebherr» was under the strict control of the company's founder. Hans Liebherr's management style was to unwavering belief in frugality, delegation of responsibility to employees and checks without notice. He never took loans from banks, believing that the money can be spent only after it has been earned. Himself Liebherr always flies economy class, driving a normal car, and was very proud of his management team, whom he had, by the way, a little bit. For example, in its major offices in all 20 people, while leading the 26th branches in dozens of countries.


Today, the corporation «LIEBHERR-INTERNATIONAL AG.» Is the largest European company for the production of household and building technology, enterprise producing fine airliners, trucks and air conditioning systems. It fulfills individual orders for production of equipment for the construction of an incredibly huge factories and power plants, refineries and rebuilding itself has become the largest supplier of hydraulic control systems for even its competitor - the company «Caterpillar». The biggest and the lifting construction and mining equipment in the world produced under this brand.

Liebherr LTM 1050