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IVECO EuroStar Service Manual PDF & EWD

IVECO EuroStar Service Repair Manual
IvVECO EuroStar Service Repair Manual
Iveco Eurostar Service Repair Manual.pdf
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IVECO EuroStar Cursor Wiring Diagram
IVECO EuroStar Cursor Wiring Diagram
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Iveco EuroStar

Review of Iveco EuroStar

There're IVECO Eurostar Truck Service Repair Manual PDF & Electric Wiring Diagram above the page.


Iveco EuroStar is a large-capacity model for transporting goods over long distances on roads with more or less good coverage. It was presented by Italians in the early nineties. Production was conducted in Turin.


The machine has three modifications: a single truck of the classic type, a tractor of main destination and a model with a trailer. All of them found their customers and were in demand.


EuroStar belongs to rather compact tractors. Its length is 6 meters, its width is 2.8 m, and its height is 24.8 m. The curb weight is eight tons. As part of a road train, it reaches forty tons.


The cab of the main type tractor is comfortable and extra spacious. It is equipped with two shelves for sleeping. There is also an option without a berth and a low roof.


Despite the presence of almost all the necessary options in the cab, there are also disadvantages: too hard plastic, quickly cooling off in cold weather; rattling while driving and an outdated dashboard.

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