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Iveco Daily 35
IVECO Daily Operator's Manual
IVECO Daily Operator's Manual
IVECO Daily Operator Manual.pdf
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History of Iveco Daily

There's the IVECO Daily Commercial Van Operator's Manual PDF above the page.


1-st generation. For the first time, the Iveco Daily family was introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the previously manufactured Fiat 241 and Fiat 238 trucks.


The first generation of the Daily included two modifications with indexes 35 (commercial vehicles with a gross weight of 3,500 kg) and 50 (commercial vehicles with a gross weight of 5,000 kg).


The trucks were made on the basis of a frame design with rear-wheel drive and were equipped with two engine options - gasoline (78 hp) and diesel (72 hp).


In 1985, Iveco introduced the first turbodiesel model of the Daily series with a 95 hp.


2-nd generation. In 1990, production began on the second generation of Daily trucks. A gasoline engine was excluded from the line of proposed engines. Commercial vehicles were equipped with two 2.5 or 2.8 liter diesel engines.

The proposed engines developed a capacity of 82, 103 or 122 hp. (in one of the engines two degrees of forcing were provided).


In 1996, Daily trucks were restyled: the cars received an updated dashboard and disc-type rear brakes already standard. Optional installation of an ABS system was offered.


3-rd generation. The next generation of Daily commercial vehicles was introduced in 1999. New versions of the trucks differed from their predecessors in a rounded cab, an updated interior and a wide range of engines available for installation.


The carrying capacity of vehicles ranged from 2800 to 6500 kg. The range of power units included modernized second-generation diesel engines with a capacity of 90-125 hp.


In 2003 there was an update of the engines offered in all trim levels. Trucks began to be equipped with a 2.3-liter F1A diesel power unit with a capacity of 95-116 hp or a diesel engine of 3 liters and a capacity of 136-166 hp.

Since 2007, the Iveco Power Daily series of trucks began to be produced on the basis of the 3-rd generation of Daily trucks in China. Models of this family were equipped with engines from 105 to 126 hp.


4-th generation. In 2006, the Italian manufacturer introduced the fourth generation of the Daily family. The line of models was slightly different from previous versions of the trucks.


The total mass of the maximum configuration of the car was increased to 7000 kg. The range of engines proposed for installation included power units with a capacity of 96 to 177 hp. (engine volume was 2.3 or 3 liters). In 2007, the Iveco Daily 4x4 truck with all-wheel drive was introduced for the first time.


5-th generation. In October 2011, the fifth generation of Daily trucks was launched. After restyling, the shape of the headlights and the front lining of the driver's cab of the cars changed.


A turbocharged power unit with a capacity of 205 hp was added to the range of engines. The range of additional options offered for Daily trucks has also significantly expanded.


Now cars can be equipped with LED running lights, front adaptive fog lights, directional stability system, as well as climate control.

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