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DAYUN Trucks Specs Manual
DAYUN Trucks Specs Manual
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Truck Driver's cab


All-steel reinforced monocoque - construction in which loads

they carry both the outer thin-walled shell and the force supporting it



• In the production of the driver's cab, high-strength steel sheet with a thickness of up to

2mm, cab weight is almost 20% greater than that of a conventional Chinese truck.

• The body of the truck driver's cab is fully manufactured using VOLVO technology.


4-point cab suspension system



• Carries out function of damping and absorption of energy of blow,

providing high security.

• The driver's cab has a 4-point suspension, which at the same time

provides safety and comfort.




• The fuel economy system supports 3 modes:

truck light load, medium load and heavy load.

• Small diameter steering wheel (450 mm) makes operation more convenient.

• The 3,300-watt air conditioner has 9 air outlets that allow you to fully warm or

cool the truck driver’s cab.

• Cooling from 40 0С to 23 0С and heating from - 1 0С to 23 0С occurs in less than 3 minutes.


Electrical connections


All units use moisture-proof compounds, convenient for inspection and repair, providing

protection when washing the machine and operating in adverse environments.

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