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MAN TGA Operator's Manual
MAN TGA Operator's Manual
MAN TGA Operator's Manual.pdf
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MAN TGA Wiring Diagrams
MAN TGA Wiring Diagrams
MAN TGA Wiring Diagrams.pdf
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History of MAN TGA Trucks

MAN TGA Truck Operator's Manual & Electric Wiring Diagrams PDF are above the page.


The largest truck in the German company’s lineup, MAN TGA, is the benchmark for many manufacturers around the world.


MAN TGA heavy trucks replaced the popular F2000 series and immediately won many awards from journalists and professionals in the field of cargo transportation, as a result of the assignment in the same year of the prestigious title of "Truck of The Year".


The MAN TGA range consists of truck tractors and chassis with a gross weight of 18 to 50 tons, depending on the curb weight, cars are 2-, 3- and 4-axle. So for trucks with curb weight from 18 to 26 tons, trucks with one rear drive axle and one front steered axle are produced, it is also possible to install with two dual rear axles, one of which is the drive axle.


For tractors with a gross weight of more than 35 tons, three-axle versions with two or three steered axles are available.


Also, MAN TGA is made in the form of dump trucks with a wheel formula up to 8X8, these are exactly the cars used in the German army.


For variants with three axles, the wheelbase is from 2600 mm to 2800 mm, and for biaxial tractors, from 3500 mm to 3900 mm, respectively.


Engines - L6 from 310 to 530hp, and the flagship among the engines installed on the TGA, is the V10 engine with a volume of 18.3 liters with a power of 660 hp which complete only a limited series of tractors.


Depending on the engine, two gearboxes are available - a 12-speed own production and a 16-speed ZF.


Trucks with several types of cabs leave the conveyor, each of which varies in size - LX, XLX and XXL, the last most comfortable cab has an internal height of 2.2 m.


The minimum internal height at the M cab is only 1.65 m, such a cab is offered only for trucks without a berth, whereas in XXL two beds can be installed.


Despite the fact that the MAN TGA has been replaced with the newer TGX model, thanks to the excellent price-quality ratio in many markets, this model is still for sale.

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