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History of Mack Anthem Truck

There's a MACK ANTHEM Truck Brochure PDF above the page.


The Mack Anthem main tractor can rightfully be considered one of the most significant American innovations of 2018 in this segment.


This is the new flagship model that replaced the Mack Titan, which lasted on the assembly line for a dozen years.


The interior of the cabin also strikes with its design, as well as the exterior. You won’t immediately say that this is an American bonnet truck.


A multifunctional steering wheel with an interesting design hub. A dashboard with wells and a 5-inch display to which information is transmitted from the latest Mack Connect telematics system (standard equipment).


By the way, there is no familiar outdoor gearshift poker. It is not surprising, because the new flagship is equipped with a robotic MDrive box, although an Allison automatic transmission and the usual Eaton Fuller mechanic transmission are possible.

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