Excavator · 16. March 2020
The 19C-1E fully charged electric mini digger can last a typical shift all day. The excavator can be charged in two hours using a three-phase charger for 380-420 V or in eight hours when connected to a 220-240 V. A 12-hour charge is also possible with a 110 V on-board charger. The manufacturer also noted that a system with three batteries is able to maintain 85% of its capacity even after 2000 cycles of full charge and discharge, which, according to JCB, are about ten years of operation.
Excavator · 17. November 2017
JCB announced the introduction of major changes in the configuration of its three largest models of crawler excavators - JS300, JS330 and JS370. Now they are planning to equip the Isuzu engines with 6-cylinder Rolls-Royce MTU 6R 1000 engines from 180 to 210 kW (241 hp - 348 hp). The first excavator JCB model JS370 will be presented at the exhibition ConExpo-2017 next month. This step marks an increasingly closer cooperation between the two companies - JCB and Rolls-Royce.