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Ferguson TO20 Operation and Maintenance Manual
Ferguson TO-20 - Operation and Maintenance
Ferguson TO-20 - Operation and Maintenan
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Ferguson TO30 Owner's Manual
Ferguson TO30 Owner's Manual
Ferguson TO30 Owner's Manual.pdf
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Ferguson TO35

History of Ferguson Tractors

Some Ferguson Tractor Operator Manuals PDF above the page - TO20, TO30.


Ferguson began experimenting with plows, working for the Irish Council on Agriculture. For early experimental work with plows, he used a modified Ford Model T car, and later a Fordson Model F tractor.


The very idea of a 3-point linkage system was not exclusively the fruit of Ferguson’s ingenious mind. But he was a popularizer and a person who for many years experimented, promoted and implemented this system. Ferguson received a patent for his mounted tractor system for agricultural tractors in Britain in 1926.


While searching for optimal solutions, Ferguson’s fastening system was improved from two connecting levers (one top, one from below) to three, and from a lifting spring mechanism (mechanical) to a hydraulically controlled one.


He met with a number of tractor manufacturers and eventually reached an agreement with David Brown in 1933, which created the production of a Model A Ferguson-Brown tractor, with a three-point Ferguson system.


However, poor sales and disagreement between Ferguson and Brown led to a halt in model production in 1937.

In 1938, after almost two decades since Henry Ford’s attempt to use the Ferguson system on Ford mass-produced tractors, Ford convinced Ferguson to work together.


The result of the collaboration of these two people was the Ford Model 9N tractor. The year 1939 for the N-Series tractors was a great success for Ford.


In 1947, Ford came under the leadership of Henry Ford II and continued to manufacture tractors without Ferguson. Ferguson himself began production with another company (Ferguson Tractor, which entered Massey-Harris in 1959).


Ford eventually sued Ferguson for more than $ 9 million, but this lawsuit was the beginning of the end for the exclusive control of Ferguson's rights over his three-point linkage system.

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