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"The heavy industry industry SANY" was formed as a result of a comprehensive reconstruction "SANY Heavy Industry Corporation".


"Heavy Industry Corporation SANY" was established on November 22, 1994, its forerunner is "Welded materials factory of Lian-yuan city prov. Hunan ", which was formed as a result of accumulation of funds in June 1989. The founders of the plant are Liang Wengen, Tang Sugo, Mao Jong-yu and Yuan Jinhua.


In September 1991, the Welding Materials Plant in Lien-yuan prov. Hunan "was renamed to" SANY Corporation "in Hunan Province.


In November 1994, a board meeting was convened by the Board of Governors at the SANY Corporation of Hunan Province, which was attended by eight board members - Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo, Xiang Wenbo, Mao Jong-yu and Yuan Jinhua, Zhou Fugui, Zhai Danke and Wang Tsochun . At the meeting, it was decided to set up separate enterprises, according to which SANY Corporation of Hunan Province was divided into SANY Hanyan Heavy Industry Corporation and HANYAN SANY Materials Industry Corporation.


At the same time, the project on the distribution of property rights, the resolution of debt and liability rights was clarified, as it is written in the minutes of the general meeting, SANY Corporation of Hunan Province will be divided into SANY heavy industry company of Hunan Province and SANY Industry Materials Industry Company Hunan, which have the status of a legal entity, independently bear civil liability and are relatively independent and equitable enterprises in respect of duties, rights and interests .


In January 1995, SANY Corporation of Heavy Industry in Hunan Province was renamed the SANY Heavy Industry Corporation for approval by the State Trade and Administration Administration of China.

In December 2000, the SANY Heavy Industry Company was transformed into the SANY Heavy Industry Company in accordance with Decree No. 209 (2000) of the Hunan Provincial Government.


On July 3, 2003, shares of SANY were placed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the stock code - 600031.


On July 30, 2003, the SANY Heavy Machinery Company was formed, which included the excavating and piling equipment divisions, as well as the new materials department.


On January 13, 2004, the "SANY Heavy Equipment Company" was formed as the first step in the field of production of equipment for the coal industry.


On March 1, 2004, Sany Holding was renamed into Sany Group.


On June 10, 2005, Sany, as an experiment, successfully achieved the first success in the Chinese reform of a separate share control. Since June 17, 2005, the abbreviated name of shares of the company "San-y Zhong-gun" has been renamed into "G San-y".