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FIATAGRI Tractor Parts Manual PDF

Fiat Fiatagri C1 Tractors Parts Catalog
Fiat Fiatagri C1 Tractors Parts Catalog
Fiat Fiatagri C1 Tractors Parts Catalog.
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Fiatagri New Holland M 135

FiatAgri Tractors History

The FiatAgri Tractor C1 Parts Manual PDF shown above.


Fiatagri was the tractor brand of the Fiat Group until the acquisition of the tractor production of the Ford Motor Company. In 1999, New Holland merged (the name New Holland was sold by Ford to Fiat) and the land and construction equipment manufacturer Case Corporation (both USA), the merged company is called Case-New Holland and belongs to 90% of the Fiat Group.


In 1974, the Fiat Trattori SpA was founded for the manufacture of tractors. In 1977, Fiat Trattori acquired the US Hesston Corporation to gain access to the North American market. In the same year, the Italian competitor Agrifull was acquired, whose brand name was used for some years. From 1979 to 1983 were


Tractors in the 230 to 350 hp range are supplied by Versatile and sold in Europe under the Fiat brand. In 1984, Fiat Trattori was renamed Fiatagri. In 1990, the Winner series was introduced. In the meantime, a licensee produced under the brand Türkfiat for the Turkish market.


The Fiat Agri tractors are marketed since 1995 as New Holland tractors.