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Berliet Trucks Service Manual PDF - Belts
Berliet Trucks Service Manual PDF - Belts
Berliet Trucks Service Manual PDF - Belt
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History of Berliet Trucks

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The French truck brand Berliet, which today is part of the Renault Trucks concern, owns one of the largest collections of retro technology in the world.


The closed museum of the Berliet Foundation contains about 300 vehicles from the late 19th century to the present day: cars and trucks, buses, locomotives, military equipment and other curiosities.


The most impressive piece of this collection is the Berliet T100 truck from the French occupation of Africa.


This specialized model was secretly constructed in the 1950s for oil fields in the Sahara.


The T100 was used for exploration and drilling for oil, as well as for the transport of heavy oil production equipment weighing up to 60 tons.


A total of 4 models were produced - with a loading platform and a dump body. But only one of these four samples has survived.

The first copy was a 12-cylinder Cummins diesel engine with 600 hp and a weight of 2.5 tons.


On subsequent samples, its power was brought to 700 horsepower. In one of the models, the 4-seater cab was located directly above the engine.


The truck developed a speed of up to 34 km / h and with a load consumed 640 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.


For the T100, the French tire manufacturer Michelin has designed low-pressure tires 1 meter wide and 2.4 meters in diameter.


Each T100 was supplied with a pilot car for transporting spare parts and a special jack.


The T100 made a splash at the 44th Paris Motor Show in October 1957, and for a long time held the title of the largest truck in the world.


For its demonstration, the organizers of the exhibition had to specially build a separate external pavilion.

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