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Looks like the first Tesla truck is almost the same as in the recent images, with the exception of a few strokes like a slightly different form of side windows.


But the most important point is that for the Tesla Semi Truck, which in terms of carrying capacity belongs to heavy trucks of the 8th class, the manufacturer claims a fantastic 800+ km of travel on one battery charge.


Recall, early rumors pointed to a modest 320-480 km. In addition, for 30 minutes the Tesla Semi Truck battery is 80% charged, providing the truck with a range of about 643 km. Unfortunately, there is no exact data on the battery capacity yet.


The rumors were that Tesla Semi Truck would be able to move without a driver. And the company confirmed that the truck will receive a semi-autonomous mode of autopilot.


Speaking more specifically, it's about autopilot, which will allow you to stay in the band, rebuild and leave the road without the driver. Earlier Musk claimed that autonomous electric trucks would reduce the cost of transportation and at the same time increase safety.


Several Tesla Semi Trucks were parked in the hall together with competing diesel partners from Freightliner and International. Against the background of diesel tractors electric Tesla Semi Truck stands out streamlined forms. Smoothed panels, including the grille in the front, cover the entire electrical stuffing. Tesla Semi Truck even has a front trunk, which provides quick access to various components.


To design the cabin so streamlined allowed the design with the placement of the battery pack under the cab. However, the driver's seat because of this had to push much further forward to the windshield - the trucks Freightliner and International it is located further. In addition, the Tesla Semi Truck chair is installed directly in the center. By the way, here is the official image, providing an idea of what kind of road view opens from the Tesla Semi Truck.


Under the cab there are four electric motors on the rear axles - one on each side. Again, alas, there is no information about their capacity yet. But during the presentation it was noted that when the truck is fully loaded (36 tons), the truck can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 20 seconds.

Tesla guarantees the service life of the Semi transmission at 1.6 million km, which corresponds to approximately 40 round-the-world voyages.


The design with the placement of batteries beneath the bottom provides the Tesla truck with a lower center of gravity compared to the diesel counterparts. Note that the same statements the manufacturer made when he presented his passenger cars.


Separately it is worth noting that the glasses of Semi are unusual - they are made of special reinforced glass and are distinguished by their high strength. That is, theoretically, it is quite possible to survive a meeting with a stone flying out from under the wheels of another car.


The release of Tesla Semi is planned to begin in 2019, but of course, everything will depend on the success of the manufacturer with the Model 3, the number of pre-orders for which has long exceeded 500 thousand, and the production rates are far from planned. About how much the truck will cost so far is not reported.

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