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Truck · 19. November 2018
The company Nikola Motor unveiled the first sketches of the hydrogen truck truck Nikola Two. Details about his hybrid eAxle powerplant, developed in collaboration with Bosch, have become known. The Nikola Two hydrogen truck tractor will hit the market in 2021, as will its elder brother, Nikola One. The company Nikola Motor has published the first sketches of new items that are significantly different from the early versions that appeared in late 2016.
Truck · 19. November 2018
The company Nikola Motor announced the date of the presentation of the hydrogen-electric tractor, designed specifically for the European market. After the presentation of the revolutionary hydrogen truck Nikola One in December 2016, Nikola Motor paid attention to the European market. It was announced that in the framework of the Nikola World event, which will be held April 16-17 2019 in the city of Phoenix, a hydrogen tractor for Europe debuts. The truck will be called Nikola Tre.
Truck · 17. October 2018
Volvo Trucks has introduced the autonomous electric truck of the future Vera, which is characterized by the complete absence of the driver’s cab. The solution is designed for regular and repeated trips, which are characterized by relatively short distances, large volumes of goods and high accuracy of delivery. A typical example of such transport problems are, for example, flights between logistics points, but possible and other options.
Truck · 18. November 2017
Just finished the presentation at the Tesla plant in the Californian town of Hawthorne, where the founder and head of the company announced the next significant car, which opens a new chapter in the history of the well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. At the same time, Tesla quite unexpectedly presented a completely new electric sports car Roadster